We Accept Landscape Waste For Composting

  • Leaves
  • Branches
  • Logs up to 6 inches in diameter
  • Only clean landscape waste

Landscape waste drop-off site:

  • Easy access for trucks and semis from Darrell Road
  • Located at 29353 N. Darrell Road in Wauconda Township, IL

We Sell Value-added Compost

Our Organimix brand compost may be used as a soil amendment, lawn dressing, potting soil component or mulching.

Tipping Fee for:

  • Green Waste - $20.00/cy
  • Logs 6" - $20.00/cy
  • Livestock Manure - $8.00/cy
  • Food Scraps - $12.00/cy
  • Fall Leaves - $7.00/cy

Purchase Price for:

  • Organimix® brand compost - $28.00/cy
  • Garden mix compost - $17.00/cy
  • Leaf Mulch - $28.00/cy

(Price includes 7% tax, if applicable)

Our Hours

Monday through Saturday 8AM-5PM
Alternate times may be established by appointment
Purchases under 3 cubic yards, Saturday pickup only

Contact: Andy Klink
Phone: (312) 550-2464