Organimix meets the highest standards for compost and is certified by the U.S. Compost Council and Woods End Agricultural Institute.

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Lab results of our product are available by request.

Organimix is listed by the Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic production

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Midwest Organics Recycling (MOR), a composting operation located 40 miles north of Chicago, was established to explore the environmental benefits associated with manure composting while looking for a solution to sustain the viability of one of the last dairy operations in a quickly urbanizing county. MOR is accepting landscape waste and mixing it with cow manure to create Organimix®. Organimix is an organic, nutrient rich soil amendment that has been found to produce the same, if not better, results as nitrogen fertilizer.

Organimix can be used as a soil amendment, lawn dressing, potting soil component or mulching. Organimix is made from organic materials including leaves, grass, woodchips and cow manure.

Our compost, unlike chemical fertilizers, provides a slow release of long lasting additives that improves the condition of the soil by adding organic matter back into the soil while feeding the plant at the same time. Organimix is different from other composts or top soils because it contains a superior composting ingredient, cow manure. Cow manure is a superior compost ingredient over horse manure (mushroom compost).

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Whole Foods sells bags of Organimix brand compost in its Midwest locations